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More on Incubators: Is Turkey Ready For This?
Strolling through various posts the other day, I came upon Venturebeat's post concerning the Incubator Buzz over Y Combinator. Y Combinator as well as David Cohen's and Brad Feld's Techstars are incubators of a new breed. The idea is simple. Entrepreneurs with viable business plans apply for a three month "training camp". If accepted, the entrepeneur typically receives around $5000 funding for the idea plus an additional $5000 each for 1-3 employees. The teams are then flown to and mentored by their investors for the three month period. Entrepreneurs must agree to give up 2-10% equity of their companies.

Interestingly enough, a European version has popped up in Vienna. YEurope (no relation to Y Combinator) coins itself as a "startup-startup" and offers the same terms. For Turkish entrepreneurs who wish to enter the gates of Vienna after only answering 31 questions - this is your chance! You need to hurry, though, YEurope's application deadline is May 15th.

Techcrunch and Venturebeat also commented on HitForge. Located in San Francisco, it is another form of incubator. At Hitforge, if you fancy yourself as an inventor, a dreamer, a coder, a guru, or simply an MBA - HitForge wishes you to apply and enter their matrix of contacts. Deemed an "Entrepreneur Co-operative", HitForge is looking for the next technical founder/designer with a portfolio and scruples toward worldly product ambitions. They claim they will put you together with other people - and together you will all share the profits - pending success.

My question: Would these concepts work in Turkey? {To be answered in the next post.}

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