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A New Entry in the Turkish Venture Capital Space: Delta Capital Interested in Turkish Telecom Companies
In March 2007, Delta Capital, a Private Equity firm focused in the telecom industry in the Middle East and Africa, closed its MENA Telecom Fund, raising over 75 million USD. Conceived and headquartered in Dubai UAE, Delta Capital is part of Delta Partners - a company with strong expertise in the telecom industry.

According to the Delta Partners website, the fund will have a life of 7 years with an investment period of 3 years. In addition, unlike most VC funds that are constrained to a certain region, Delta has chosen a wide path - the MENA region. What is exciting about this is that it includes Turkey!

Over a conference call, I spoke with Delta Capital. I asked them to send me a few comments and answer a few questions about their fund. The following is a representation of that conversation according to Delta Capital's Head of Private Equity, Morten Kvammen:

"Why do you wish to invest in Turkey? Why now?"
Turkey, having a liberalised telecom industry and a continuously growing economy, is one the top priority countries for Delta Capital to invest in. With increasing competition amongst mobile operators and long distance telephony service providers, the Turkish telecom market has started to grow rapidly, proving to be one of the most thriving emerging market in the region. Thus, Delta Capital believes there is a great growth potential for companies in the Turkish telecom value chain.
"What kind of companies are you looking for?"
Delta Capital is currently looking for companies with operations in the Telecommunications value chain (from Network infrastrucure players to retail & distribution) that are looking for potential investors in order to achieve their goals. These companies should have their operations in the MENA region including Turkey, should be running a established business with demonstrated success, and with exceptional growth potential. The potential investee companies are expected to have developed an insightful and comprehensive Business Plan that describes the continuity of the high growth. Thanks to the unique structure of Delta Capital and Delta Partners, the MENA Telecom Fund is willing to provide growth capital and can leverage its telecom expertise to help in the expansion of the associated business.
"What will Delta Partners bring to the table?"
The Advisory side of Delta Partners offers strategy consulting to the main telecom players in the region, and has a solid team of more than 70 experienced professionals of 22 different nationalities, creating strong synergies with the Private Equity business. Delta Capital’s unique approach of combining a solid team with in-depth knowledge in the Private Equity business, together with top-notch intellectual capital from the Advisory side, and relevant contacts, makes it quite attractive to companies looking for partners to succeed and attain their growth objectives.
So, for all prospective entrepreneurs and companies that fit their focus - this is a great new opportunity for Turkey. I urge you to submit your business plans to Pipeline@deltapartnersgroup.com, or contact Delta Capital directly.

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