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NGO Endeavor Announces 2007 Turkish Entrepreneurs
This last week, according to Referens Newspaper, "the Turkey office of Endeavor, a global non-profit organization that identifies and supports high-impact entrepreneurs in emerging markets to facilitate and encourage long-term sustainable growth, announced their 'Endeavor Entrepreneurs' awards."

Out of more than 300 candidates for the awards, here are the winners:

  • Yemeksepeti.com allows customers to browse menus of registered restaurants with delivery services and order online. It provides an easy ordering service for even the smallest and obscure eatery. Although I'm at a loss as to what round of funding they have gone through or whether they are self-funded. Maybe my readers can help on the comments line.

  • Dükkan is not your ordinary butchershop (nor venture investment), but has an infectious concept of quality that could only come from a true entrepreneur. Emre Mermer's Dükkan has an amazing and educational website and delivers to all Istanbul's top hotels and restaurants.

  • Pozitron is a mobile applications and closed circuit systems developer. Their website has a detailed account of their latest writeups and accolades including presenting at the March Mobile Monday event(presentation seen here on Cem Sertoglu's Mobile Monday page (2.6MB PDF)).

  • Pi Works is a telecommunications (mobile technologies), operations and software development company registered in Dallas, TX, but with sales offices in Istanbul and Johannesburg, South Africa. Their software developement and engineering operate out of Turkey's largest TechnoPark.

Of these award winners, I applaud their tenacity, perspective and ideas toward growth, and through innovation, breaking the mold that our society gives us. It is a breath of fresh air and makes me pause and think again of Turkish entrepreneurship.

One final note - of the VC's that I have spoken with, Endeavor does provide some dealflow for the area VC's and is a valuable driver or barometer of innovation in Turkey, and for their sake, they are doing their part. But I wonder what time the Turkish Board of Directors has in volunteering if not for the sake of corporate venturing. I guess for an NGO honorary board, you have to have a Koç (from the society pages), Sabanci or a Doğan to make if official, but it isn't exactly entrepreneurial (aside from the rest of the board).

Visit Endeavor's global website for a final understanding of what Endeavor does in the world.

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