A Turkish Private Equity Web Log

In an effort to cover the Turkish Private Equity Industry - for the promotion of Entrepreneurship, the private equity asset-investment model, and the communication thereof.

Introduction: Grandstanding Traction Objectives
Grandstanding: a hypothesis where a venture capitalist takes a company public or successfully exits an investment prematurely in order to obtain a reputation for the venture capitalist.

Traction: the condition of being drawn or pulled and gaining momentum, while attracting power or influence.

Turkey: An emerging market, bridging East and West, that stands to win a great deal with its potential accession to the European Union.

Grandstanding Traction: A Turkish Private Equity Weekly covering the Turkish PE/VC Industry, in an effort to promote Entrepreneurship, the private equity asset-investment model, and the communication therof.

  • To provide a reporting mechanism/outlet in English for the Turkish Private Equity and Venture Capital Industry.
  • To discuss current and past research in this industry.
  • To chronicle the Successes and Difficulties of Entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists in Turkey pertaining to:
    • Current laws, corporate governance, restrictions, and legislation.
    • Fundraising, Financing, and Exiting Investments.
  • To encourage communication between VC's.
  • To promote Entrepreneurship and the PE/VC Model in Turkey.
To comment on this site, all those wishing can remain anonymous if so desired. Ideally, the purpose is the open sharing of ideas, opinions, and expertise - for the promotion of the industry.

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  • At 6/15/2009 3:24 PM, Blogger Muratb said…

    Thank you for having the web available for us. I am little biy dissapointed for the irregular update. Is there any way of update the website more frequently. If yes I will appreciate so much. I am so aware of imprtance of investing in Turkey by PE and VC like so. Therefore, providing update figuers and numbers or statistics will be so beneficial. I am hoping to see updated web nearby. Murat Bolat-Director at the Istanbul Stock EXchange

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