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Goldman Sachs announces exit on TAV's IPO

As you may have heard, Turkish airport operator TAV Airports Holding is set to float on the Istanbul Stock Exchange aiming to raise up to $340m (262m Euro). If successful it would become the country’s fifth-largest offering. The float will raise $300m at the mid-point with the green shoe offering, and at the top of the range could overtake the $317m initial public offering of Coca Cola Icecek Uretim in May last year.

Goldman Sachs holds a 15% stake in the firm that they acquired only a month and a half ago at the end of December for $225m. TAV will float 16% of its capital and at the mid-point could be valued at $1.6bn.

Last week, Goldman Sachs announced they would sell up to 44.6 million shares at a price range of 8.55 liras to 10.30 liras a share. They have the potential to make $30m (€23m) from the float. TAV will float 69% on London aimed at institutional investors and 31% on Istanbul aimed at Turkish retail investors.

A source close to the deal said: "This deal has attracted other banks to take another look at Turkey. We could see lots more going on there this year. Conditional trading is going well and has attracted lots of interest from international investors."

What’s happening? A new 250 million Euro PE Fund from the previous post and the announcment of an IPO in the same week? Has Turkey reached another milestone? Well, someone is grandstanding somewhere.

And I ask you, is the following statistic from this blog 4 days earlier a coincidence? Someone at Goldman Sachs in California was searching for "private equity activity greece and turkey". Coincidence or not, it should be an interesting year.

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