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Turkish Entrepreneurs and VC's meet in Silicon Valley at TABCON
A friend of mine just recently sent me a link to TABCON - the 4th Annual Turkish American Business Conference. To be held in San Jose, California on April 28th, this year's theme is "Turkey's Role in the Global High Technology Market".

Professor Tony Seba from Stanford University will be the Keynote Speaker, and there will be 5 panel discussions:
  • How can Turkish and American high-tech companies become valuable partners?
  • Turkey as an Electronic Design House
  • Funding a Start-up, Experiences of Turkish American Venture Capitalists
  • Global opportunities in the Wireless Sector
  • Web 2.0 in Silicon Valley and İstanbul
The makeup of these panels looks very inviting with such professionals like Mehtap Özkan of Golden Horn Ventures, Aydιn Şenkut of Felicis Ventures, Kerim Baran - founder of Yonja.com, and Emre Sokullu of GROUPS and writer/analyst for Read/WriteWeb. Too bad I can't go, as Grandstanding Traction is still on a shoestring. But there is not much time left, so you better check it out: Go to TABCON.org

Too bad this conference couldn't be in Turkey, I'm sure the attendance would be very large. Maybe there is a similar conference, so if my readers know of a similar conference in Istanbul, drop me an email, and I'll attach it to this post.

Finally, on a (log file) statistical side note for some of Grandstanding's more enthusiastic fans:
  • Could my avid reader from Hessen, Frankfurt, Germany please tell me who you are?
  • Rumour? - Can anyone tell me why someone at the IFC in Istanbul is seaching for Can Deldag of the Carlyle Group?
  • And hello whoever you are at Kayit Merkezi AS, drop me a line.
Thanks for the traction!

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