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AlarmClock:Euro adds to Grandstanding's Traction
As a blogger, I'm very humbled by TheAlarmClock:Euro's mention of Grandstanding Traction. {Turkey's Venture Market Has A Blog}. However, as a PE/VC Enthusiast who truly believes in the potential boomtown proportions of the Turkish market, I never doubted that it would happen. Also mentioned, were Cem Sertoglu's Sortipreneur and Baris Karadogan's From Istanbul to Sand Hill Road.

For those of you who are new to Grandstanding Traction - Welcome! For a review of our objectives, go to our first two posts:
Introduction: Grandstanding Traction Objectives

The Existence of Grandstanding in Turkey?

Rightly so, I received a sizable jump in visitors as the post was released last Friday. Here is the token statistic spike image:

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