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Standard Bank partners with Dundas Unlu; forms Standard Unlu
South Africa’s Standard Bank has acquired 67% of boutique brokerage house Dundas Unlu for an undisclosed sum pending Turkish and South African regulatory approval. The acquisition will be achieved by selling the entire shareholding of Alasdair Dundas, Tahincioğlu Holding A.Ş. and Özcan Tahincioğlu. Mahmut Ünlü, one of the founding partners of Dundas Ünlü, will continue in his role as CEO and the new partnership will be called Standard Ünlü.

{Standard Bank Press Release – Standard Bank and Dundas Unlu join forces in Turkey}

Standard Bank said in its statement, "This transaction is clear evidence of Standard Bank’s commitment to Turkey and is consistent with the continued development of its emerging markets franchise."

{Graph courtesy of Dundas Unlu}

Conjecture is still open for discussion and development on the reasons for this deal. Nonetheless, the current partners of one of Turkey’s leading M&A advisors have exited for ventures elsewhere. Time will tell where they end up. Clearly the grandstanding being done in a presentation/report by Dundas dated January 2007(pdf) and on the ground after the recent TAV deals and IPO has been rewarded. The report is very detailed and lists every boilerplate and deal since 1999.

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