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Some Statistics from March: Grandstanding Traction gets some traction of its own.
Since starting this blog in November, 2006, I have plodded forward not knowing where it would take me. Was there a need for an informational blog on Private Equity and Venture Capital in the emerging market of Turkey? I thought so. Should I expand on Europe, the Middle East and Africa? I didn't or won't know if I have the time. The real "Ah-Ha" came when AlarmClock:Euro posted about Grandstanding's exploits, and then the visitors started pouring in. One thing is for sure: the more I posted the more visitors started visiting. This should ring true for all content providers regardless. Having said that, I have tried my best to gather well-rounded material to give the clearest professional picture of events. In the future, I will do my upmost to report on fundings, dealflow, and exits. In addition, I am trying to make an extra effort toward providing a sector by sector analysis. Of course, having only two hands and 24 hours in a day is a hindrance, and therefore I beg your patience.

The following is a provided glimpse into the world of Grandstanding Traction's log files. It by no means is a complete picture. Recalling my datamining days, they are just a few "nuggets".

The mix of visitors hasn't suprised me so far. Moving forward, I expect the page views rate resulting from Turkey to diminish as more developed nations chime in.

This is simply a list of catalogued and categorized institutions for March where IP's were able to be resolved. So far, with no previous data to work with, I am not able to provide rank. It is simply too early. These lists are alphabetical, and only represent a chosen handful of total visitors, but provide an interesting outlook on what will be gleaned in the future.

I was able to provide a rank of search terms for the month of March. Of course the significance of TAV's IPO (posted here) and Murat Cavusoglu and Isak Antika's funding of Actera Partners (posted here) was in the limelight. Interest in Actera Partners has still not fallen off in April and will be updated later.

If you are interested in viewing more information regarding Grandstanding's logs, please contact me at turkvcanalyst@gmail.com.

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