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Teknoloji Yatirim A.S. Launches New Website
From what I understand, TTGV, the Turkish Technology Entrepreneur Fund has spun out Teknoloji Yatirim A.S. and has been operating for some time now, although TTGV still exists.

With that Teknoloji Yatirim A.S. (www.teknolojiyatirim.com.tr) has launced it new website. Teknoloji Yatirim A.S. has a fund size of $5 million, and so far, three companies in its portfolio. The fund is investing in startup\entrepreneurs in the Technology and Biotech arenas. Interestingly enough, it makes sense that Dr. A. Mete ÇAKMAKCI is the wise chairman at the helm, descending from TTGV, and Haluk ZONTUL is CEO. In addtion, it seems Evren UNVER, co-founder of Turkven, is also a board member.

I would like to thank by readers and friends at Teknoloji Yatirim A.S. for submitting this. The private equity/VC Index on the left sidebar has been updated.

And with that, the VC pool in Turkey just got a little bit bigger.

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