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Turkish Mobile Applications Provider Pozitron Wins Harvard Business School's Global Business Plan Competition!
It seems my friends at Pozitron, who I posted about in June 2007, have won the HBS Global Business Plan Competition. The news has been posted courtesy of Dan Primack of PEHub, who judged at the event. Pozitron (www.pozitron.com), a mobile and alternative communications solution provider based in Turkey, won the Global Business Plan Contest sponsored by the Harvard Business School’s Entrepreneurship Club on January 27. It was the first contest of its kind that brought together a panel of judges from the venture capital and technology sectors including IDG Ventures Boston, HarbourVest, and Thomas Financial.

Pozitron is an R&D focused enterprise communications solution company taking tremendous strides in innovation and development in the mobile industry. It develops new technologies which makes wireless experiences more enjoyable and powerful. Founded in 2000, Pozitron provides professional service and solutions to meet the demands of its customers. Pozitron is the fastest executed principal partner of SUN Microsystems in the world. (There are only 8 principal partners in 96 countries). Pozitron created the first mobile banking application for Turkey’s largest bank, Türkiye İş Bankası. Everyday, over 100,000 users enjoy Pozitron’s mobile applications and more than 250,000 people communicate through Pozitron’s solutions.

Pozitron’s business plan, focused on its integrated mobile banking product, was chosen among a dozen of companies to represent Turkey. It then competed against several top firms representing Armenia, Colombia, Germany, Lithuania, and Mexico at the Global Business Plan Contest and secured first place after two rounds of deliberations.

"Mobile banking solutions are essential in our increasingly globalized world," says Pozitron CEO Fatih İşbecer. "As many people are starting businesses or doing trade, communications is an essential part to help them grow. We’re deeply honored that Harvard Business School chose our firm among a stellar group as having enormous potential."

Pozitron, last year, won its place as an "Endeavor Entrepreneur", and since then has been able to secure Iş Bank as a customer in building and implementing its Java-based mobile-banking application. "This is the hallmark of high-impact entrepreneurship," said Linda Rottenberg, Endeavor Co-founder & CEO, "We’re proud to have Pozitron among an innovative group of Endeavor Entrepreneurs who are creating new breakthroughs that are improving their communities."

For an entrepreneur to score such a major client before venture funding and providing necessary revenue, it clearly gave them a leg-up in the business plan competition. They are currently negotiating with other banks, and, as can be seen from the PEHub post, will most likely role it out with other international banks.

Another noteworthy point regarding this feat is that Pozitron was able to make use of 4 intership students from the G-Lab Program of MIT Sloan School of Management. These 4 students helped Pozitron toward their Latin American expansion strategy. For all you entrepreneurs out there, this is a great program, one that you should really check out.

Congratulations go to Fatih and Firat İşbecer!

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