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Deloitte Touche Turkiye Publishes Most Comprehensive Turkish Private Equity and Venture Capital Reports - 2007
A few people were looking for the link to this report on my freind Kutlu's blog on Entrepreneurship. So, for anyone curious about testing the waters of the PE/VC space in Turkey, the Deloitte Touche Turkiye report on Private Equity in Turkey (PDF) is a must-read. With the Turkish Venture Capital Association being non-existant (the last analysis being written in 2004), and TUSIAD being focused in other areas, this report from Deloitte Corporate Finance is the most comprehensive analysis to date. Originally I found this report on the Turkish US Business Council website (with some other good reports), but here is the real home link at DT:

The report is structured around various economical periods in the last 20 years dealing with crises as well as telling of various fundraisings, deals and exits. It is a white paper of course, so the conclusion leaves the reader with information how to contact Deloitte Corporate Finace Turkey for their consulting and M&A requirements.

One cannot argue with the appendix. It is a timeline of all deals and a valuable resource. However, as mentioned in the report, some deals and their values are estimates only and should be taken with a grain of salt. In addition, there is a feeling that data collected comes only from personal experiences and local speculators with contacts in the deals themselves. I also believe that a few academics were involved on the consulting work for this report. Once again, I will reiterate that it is a shame that the TVCA has not produced anything that resembles this study.

Deloitte should be applauded for this work. Furthermore, while I provide the link for this report, I feel that I should also provide links to two other fine DT reports of noteworthy respect.


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